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Philadelphia International Film Festival Award, 2001
Empire State Film Festival, First Prize Feature Documentary, 2001

“The Weisberg-Blount sojourn provides equal time for the serious, the odd, the crass and the sentimental.”

The New York Times

“It’s a delight – funny, observant and downright anthropological in its details of how its characters live.”

The Star-Ledger

“Blount’s great talent, apart from writing, is that he’s comfortable chewing the fat with just about anybody – especially folks who might actually call conversing chewing the fat.”


“The two-hour film celebrates American eccentricity and features people and towns whose beliefs and lifestyles fall outside mainstream culture.”

The Washington Post

“Blount has empathy for everyone, which makes this a joyous journey. Accompanied by picturesque photography and a nice variety of river-related songs he takes us on a delightful trip for all of the 2,552 miles.”

The Indianapolis Star

“While Blount’s journey includes some compelling portraits of middle America, it is his natural attraction to the pockets of weirdness along the way (the backwaters, as he puts it) that become the most bracing moments in the documentary.”

The Oregonian

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