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“Veronica Geng . . . along with Ian Frazier, W. S. Trow, Mark Singer, Roy Blount Jr., and Donald Barthelme . . . pioneered The New Yorker as a clubhouse of postmodernism.”

James Walcott, New Criterion

“Roy Blount’s stuff makes me laugh so hard, sometimes I have to go sit in a room and shut the door.”

Garrison Keillor

“Right up there with Bob and Ray.”

Boston Globe

“Unleashes a startling expertise in economic theory.”


“The war between the sexes hasn’t had such an able correspondent since James Thurber.”

Boston Globe

“You’d be pulling off a major stunt/ To hold your laughter while reading Roy Blount.”

Washington Post Book World

“A writer of easy grace and great generosity, always delivering more than he promises, always up to more than he lets on.”

Jon Carroll, The Village Voice

“Unlike most of the other first-rate humorists of this century (Thurber, Perelman, Woody Allen) Blount is neither a political nor a cultural reactionary. He is comfortable with even enthusiastic about the variety of human experience. He likes women and isn’t afraid of them.”

Berkshire Eagle

“One really understands testicles after reading ‘The Family Jewels,’ and one is gratified.”

Cathleen Schine, The Nation

“…has become America’s foremost humorist.”

Chicago Tribune

“In serious contention for the title of America’s most cherished humorist…. Mr. Blount’s most congenial literary crony in the area of foxy yokelism is, to his reader’s good fortune, Mark Twain.”

New York Times Book Review

“Blount’s cleverness and ability to see into the central absurdity of things are just one half of his talent as a humorist. The second half is made up of his feel and love for the language…. He is as sure-footed on the slippery slopes of funniness as a mountain goat on an alp.”

Milwaukee Journal

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