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Bestselling author Roy Blount Jr. tells the story of the classic Marx Brothers wartime satire Duck Soup. As always, Blount isinformed yet informal, tongue-in-cheek yet tempered, providing the perfect voice to recount the irreverent antics of Harpo, Chico, Groucho, and Zeppo. Readers of HarpoSpeaksThe Essential Groucho,and Monkey Business and fans of Animal CrackersA Night at the Opera and the Marx Brothers’ other timeless comedies—as well as all fans of Blount’s witty and insightful books like Alphabet Juice and Feet on the Street and listeners to NPR’s weekly news quiz, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me—will be captivated by the lyrical humorist’s compelling, behind-the-scenes storytelling of the 1933 classic film.

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