rock bottom

The Final,  
Twentieth-Anniversary Tour,
Anaheim and Los Angeles,

June 21-23
, 2012

band in florida
Remainders - Early Version (1992-1994)
Top left to right: Greil Marcus, ringer Josh Kelly, Robert Fulghum*; Bottom l to r: Roy Blount, Jr., Barbara Kingsolver*, Dave Marsh*, ringer Jerry Peterson, Stephen King, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Joel Selvin*, Matt Groening, Tad Bartimus*, Amy Tan, Kathi Goldmark; Photo Credit: Tabitha King. (* no longer with the band)

An impressive array of writers play with the RBR. Currently the band includes Mitch Albom, Greg Iles, James McBride and Scott Turow. It continues to play music, in the words of Dave Barry, "as well as Metallica writes novels."