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March 27-31, 2019:   
Tennessee Williams Festival, New Orleans


Save Room for Pie
save room for pie


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"When I was growing up in Georgia," Roy Blount Jr. writes in his new book, "we ate till we got tired.

    "An expert like Roy Blount Jr., as the old borscht belt masters might say, knows from rhythm and melody. His prose can sing in deft comic riffs . . . in a music that earns the reader's laughter, salted with envy of of the feast."
-- Robert Pinsky, New York Times.
Alphabetter Juice or the Joy of Text
Alphabetter Juice


Now in paperback:

"Blount’s selection of words is particularly 'sonicky' and is accompanied by amusing facts and anecdotes and crazy stories that show the peculiarities of etymology and definitions and the deep and abiding beauty of words. Writers and readers will love this book."

Hail, Hail, Euphoria!
also in paperback
Hail Hail

"Folksy, warm, and up on his Marx lore -- he seems not only to have seen every one of the brothers' movies, but to have read early drafts of every script -- Blount makes for swell company ... especially during his delightfully erudite exegesis of the justly famous 'mirror scene.'"

Hail, Hail, Euphoria! is the most lyrical, insightful, scholarly, illuminating and celebratory 144 pages I’ve ever sat down with. This book is a stream of fun." —WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Roy Blount Jr. knows from humor. In [Hail, Hail, Euphoria!], he sets out to remedy the lack of a scene-by-scene commentary on the Marx Brothers’ greatest movie, the sublimely nonsensical Duck Soup."— WASHINGTON POST

“An essential read for Marx Brothers fans, those curious about the melding of war and humor in film, and browsers looking for a good read.” — LIBRARY JOURNAL

Alphabet Juice


In paperback:
from Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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